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Property Management

System That Helps You Manage Smarter, Better & Faster.

  • Cloud based or on premises installation flexibility.
  • Accounts integrated property system.
  • Automated recipting and payments.
  • Mpesa integration, direct receipt to the system.
  • Integrated emails, automatic email of tenants and landlords as well as user initiated.
  • Integrated SMS, automatic tenant and landlord SMSing as well as user initiated.
  • Landlord portals.
  • Field officers mobile application.
  • Tenant portals and mobile application included.

Tenant & Lease Management

  • Track tenant ledgers and transactions posting.
  • Tenant rental and not rental invoicing, including utilities and amenities
  • Tenant statement generations, either as single or batch.
  • It also keeps listing of tenants.
  • Log issues/complaints raised by the tenants.
  • Track tenant rental history including escalations.
  • Ability to review rent or renew leases.
  • Ability to add a tenant and log in new tenancy agreement, lease management as well as keep listing of tenants & leases, deposits and utilities & amenities.

Rental invoicing and receipting

  • Ability to book rent receivable, including utilities and amenities.
  • Ability to efficiently process rental and non rental receipt without skipping charges.
  • Tracks tenant delinquent, rent arrears and rent advance.
  • Generate and tracks late payments charges if available.

Fees & Charges

  • Manages and calculates management fees or commission
  • Letting fee management.
  • Re-letting fee management
  • Rent reviews and renewal fees is also automated
  • Tenancy agreement fee/lease fees is also incorporated.
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