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9 Years Of Quality Software In Property managent, Accounting & Human resource and payroll

Ezen Financials

Ezen Financials is an all-in-one web based property management, accounting, human resource and payroll software that helps property managers, landords and other business streamline rental collection, lease management, facility management, accounting, payroll and human resource with superior efficiency and ease.

System Features

  • Cloud based or on premises installation flexibility.
  • Accounts integrated property system.
  • Automated recipting and payments.
  • Mpesa integration, direct receipt to the system.
  • Integrated emails, automatic email of tenants and landlords as well as user initiated.
  • Integrated SMS, automatic tenant and landlord SMSing as well as user initiated.
  • Landlord portals.
  • Field Agents mobile application.
  • Tenant portals and mobile application included.
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